eLAB is a dynamic and innovative team in Virginia Tech’s Department of Biological Systems Engineering.

Our work improves the understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes in agricultural ecosystems. Our ongoing core research, teaching, and extension programs focus on synergies between soil & water resources, environmental change, biophysics, and sustainable land use. We do this using high level computational approaches, data analytics & simulation modeling, physical studies, and systems level analysis.

We are interdisciplinary with backgrounds in hydrology, biology, atmospheric science, computer science, and engineering and our collaborators work in fields from animal science to agricultural economics to robotics. Our work spans scales ranging from soil pore to major river basin, and we have projects throughout the United States and the world. The lab considers a broad spectrum of basic and applied questions and is committed to developing solutions that are scientifically valid and usable within appropriate biophysical, social, and economic contexts.